Month: January 2012

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Latest Lamborghini News

Lamborghini News: Gallardo’s On Fire Worldwide Although UFO sightings are always in some type of news, GOFs (Gallardo’s on Fire) are being increasingly reported, photographed and filmed all around the world….

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Servia Joins DDR

Newman/Haas Racing was founded in 1982 by Paul Newman and Carl Haas and began competing in CART in 1983. The team earned eight titles, which included 107 wins and 109…

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Porsche Cajun: Expected in Mid 2013

Porsche has a long history in the automotive world. The name is synonymous with excellence and technological expertise. Porsche has come a long way since they built their first automobile….

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BMW’s New M Performance Range

BMW’s M division went through a lot of turbulence recently. Both literally and figuratively that is. The new M5 has not one but two turbines, the upcoming M3 is rumored…