Returning to The Races: The Upcoming Acura NSX

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Acura NSX – The Beginning

In 1990, Acura was attempting to do something that was very unconventional in the automobile industry. They were hoping to produce a car to fit into a class containing supercar brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini, while at the same time reaching into the market of the middle-class consumer, with one vehicle. This vehicle was the Acura NSX.

Honda (which is the parent company of Acura) wanted to dabble in both those markets with the same automobile in order to show off its latest-and-greatest technologies, but also produce a car that was readily available to the slightly-above average Joe to use as a daily driver. This first generation NSX was successful for many years.

Acura NSXHowever, in 2005, due to lacking sales of only a few hundred cars a year worldwide, Honda ceased production of the NSX.

Now Honda wants try this all over again, which brings us the 2012 Acura NSX, with a production version coming soon to an Acura showroom near you.

Acura NSX – Production Coming Soon

There has been a large amount of talk over the years about the 2nd generation NSX being produced, even before the production of the first generation vehicle ended in 2005. However, hope had diminished in recent years due to a fading economy and Honda putting a halt to the project. That hope was resuscitated in 2011 when Honda CEO Takanobu Ito (who was also an engineer on the original NSX project), announced that the company would proceed with work on a new version of the NSX.

Acura NSX Concept

The latest concept was recently unveiled to the public in January at the 2012 North American Auto Show in Detroit. The release produced much speculation, as well as a huge sigh of relief for many fans of the NSX who had been waiting a long time for this glorious announcement.

Though the car is still in concept stages, it has been announced that Acura will begin production of the NSX in the near future, and it should be expected to hit showroom floors in about 3 years, possibly as a 2015 model. Also some more good news for North America; the car will be produced at Honda’s United States plant in Marysville, Ohio.

Acura NSX – What to Expect

The car has some remnants of the older classic NSX, as well as some exciting new additions over the first generation of the legacy. Some of the early specs for the new NSX are:

  • SH-AWD technology
  • Mid-mount V6 engine
  • 7-Speed transmission
  • Hybrid technology
  • Lightweight
  • Approximately 400 horsepower

Unfortunately, few specific details are available for the 2nd Generation NSX at this time.

Acura NSX – Oldies but Goodies and New Additions

One of the original loved components of the NSX was the Mid-Mounted V6, which will be making a return. Also being incorporated into the new NSX is Honda’s original mission behind the vehicle. They want to create a sports car/supercar that is fun and exciting to drive, is a head turner, but also has the ability to be driven daily, and not meant to be kept in a garage for weeks at a time. However, to keep up with today’s market, some new additions have to be made.

Acura NSX Concept

The driving force behind the Acura NSX has always been: to showcase Honda’s latest-and-greatest ideas in engineering, power, and technology. It will be no different for Honda this go-around. The 2nd generation NSX will be powered by Honda’s latest hybrid technology.

Honda is excited to show off their Superior Handling All Wheel Drive technology (SH-AWD). The rear of the car is powered by an integrated electric motor. The two front wheels are powered by independent electric motors that allow for the superior handling portion of the vehicle. The independent electric motors allow for power to be transferred individually between the front wheels when powering through turns or on an uneven roadway and creates improved traction.

The estimated horsepower of this car is expected to be around 400, produced by either a 3.5 or 3.7 liter V6 engine. The NSX is also anticipated to be a lightweight vehicle. The NSX is predicted to have a 7 speed transmission to help keep the RPM’s in the desired range in order to produce optimum horsepower while driving through the wide range of speeds this car is sure to endure.

The only talk as far as production models go is a coupe version. However, there has been some speculation of a convertible option possibly being made available. In the recent Avenger’s movie, Robert Downy Jr.’s character was seen driving an Acura that looked similar to what the NSX is expected to look like, however his version was a convertible. If a convertible is produced, it is expected to be very similar to the coupe version, with only minor variances.

Acura NSX – Exterior

Acura NSX

The original NSX’s exterior design was bold and edgy for a car company that generally produced cars for the average person. The exterior of the new NSX will be drastically re-designed over the original, but will again have the classic bold and edgy appearance, which is to be expected of a vehicle trying to find a niche in the supercar world. One thing that stands out is the lights. The vehicles lights are sure to be bright and noticeable thanks to the use of LEDs on both the headlights and taillights, and both also have a very slim appearance.

The body of the car appears buff but also sleek. It boasts a front-end that looks like it can be an ice breaker out in the arctic waters, and if spotted in a rear view mirror is sure to make the car in front of you move out of the way or face the fear of getting broken in half.

The concept vehicle that was recently displayed in Detroit was lacking much of an interior. However, it would be a safe bet to expect a cockpit like interior, much like the original NSX, that is sure to make the driver feel like they are powering a jet, with all the latest gauges, lighting, and trinkets.

The concept shown in Detroit wore tires with a size of 255/35/19, which will help keep the car stuck to the ground in case you feel like you want to try and take flight. The dual exhaust is integrated beautifully into the rear bumper.

The 2nd Generation Acura NSX is sure to bring much excitement to the showroom of Acura dealerships worldwide. It appears Honda will be successful once again in showcasing their finest technologies. And the fans of the 1st generation NSX will finally be able to get some long-awaited relief.

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  1. “Though the car is still in concept stages, it has been announced that Acura will begin production of the NSX in the near future, and it should be expected to hit showroom floors in about 3 years, possibly as a 2015 model.”

    Sweet, so roughly 3 years to start saving! ha ha

    “Also some more good news for North America; the car will be produced at Honda’s United States plant in Marysville, Ohio.”


    I think Honda/Acura is stepping into a space that could really have some traction. While I’m not sure if anything is significantly different than ’04-’05 (the economy wasn’t really down yet…I remember leaving San Antonio, Texas for college in Tennessee and filling up on my way out for $1.93/gallon), it’s still a unique car in a unique market with a consumer base that, by 2015, could finally be back into its more free-spending ways. Plus, being a v6 Hybrid will make it easier on gas than likely any other similar model, and that will go a long way (especially if the government is still overing tax deductions/subsidies for hybrid vehicles!)

    I can’t wait to see what happens with this car. I’m legitimately excited about it, to say the least.

  2. what a sharp car. can’t wait to put one on my floor.

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