Meet The New Girl: BMW’s GINA Light Vision Model

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The GINA Light Vision Concept Speedster

If Hollywood makes it through their struggle to protect their original ideas and has the opportunity to remake all of the old movies… again; it is possible that Batman may be seen driving the BMW GINA in the 29th version of the film. Had the word ‘streamlined’ not been used so frivolously in the past, it may be an accurate way to describe the body-style of the Bavarian Motor Company’s latest concept vehicle.

This speedster embodies the soul and vision of a true concept car. The vehicle looks like no other before it (other than the Batmobile, of course), and has virtually no seems in its entire outer shell. This “Light Visionary Model”, as dubbed by BMW Group Design, is evocative of the bullet-style sports cars, such as the Z4 coupe, and it smoothly holds the BMW appearance while taking on its own identity.

What Does BMW GINA Do, Exactly?

GINA stands for Geometry and Functions In ‘N’ Adaptations. Oh, okay… wait a second; what exactly does that mean? What it means is that the car is a visual representation of the transition from the days of the old to the days of the new. The BMW Group decided that it was necessary to explore the liberation of creativity that will be present in the years to come.

BMW GINAWhat the GINA does, precisely, is adapt. Or perhaps a more accurate description is that it precisely alters its form and operation. No need to double check; you did read that correctly. This smooth beauty has more in store for us than just a pretty face. She has the ability to change as you’re driving; both shape and functioning. The ‘skin’ is actually a translucent fabric cover; or GINA’s dress, if you will. So if you thought it was awesome back when you turned on your first pop-up lights, just wait until you turn on GINA’s headlights.

A mechanism within the structure activates, thereby retracting the outer skin. This results in the revealing of the iconic BMW grill and the front lamps. The body of the BMW GINA is comprised of just four different elements (other than the cloth): the front, the sides and the central rear deck element. Though barely visible, the separation of these four sections provides the only seems on the entire exterior of the vehicle. The proportions of the vehicle are such, as to give it the distinct look of a BMW. This is achieved while its seamless paneling keeps hidden all indications that the vehicle does anything other than fly down the road; maybe even off the road. Genius, GINA.

Is The BMW GINA an Autobot or a Decepticon?


Maybe this car doesn’t stand up and star in Michael Bay films, but it most certainly transforms. Not only does the front skin submerge into the body, but when you get the BMW GINA up to a decent pace, the rear spoiler lifts to enhance aerodynamics by adding downward force to the rear axles; necessary at high speeds in this ghostly vision.

When the race is over and you are waiting for the others to arrive at the finish line, the spoiler retracts and the vehicle puts back on its wild-mannered disguise as a badass sports car from the future. Essentially, it goes from fast to furious. Throughout all of the car’s morphing, the mechanics that operate its dynamic exterior remain internally concealed.

The Spoils Go to The Victor: BMW GINA

If the air intake needs to be optimized, the rocker panels are adjusted by the invisible mechanical system; allowing for maximal airflow. All of the body’s changes occur without harming the mesh cloth; specially selected by BMW Group Design for the car’s cover. The fabric is water-repellent and temperature resistant. This ensures that throughout the various adaptations and conditions, the cloth cover remains unscathed. Additionally, it is held taut in such a way as to never leave any unsightly creases.

Wouldn’t it be a fun day to bring this vehicle over to your buddy’s mechanic shop? After the initial shock of the sheer beauty of this futuristic marvel, you could ask if your friend wanted to take a look under the hood. (Sure you do! Well, go ahead. What’s wrong? Can’t you open a hood? Some mechanic…)

The fabric can be untethered from the front of the vehicle to allow for maintenance or what’s more probable: for admiring the roadster’s 8-cylinder engine. The standard combustion engine gives the vehicle what BMWGD calls “emotional appeal”. BMW describes the GINA as building the bridge between “vision and reality”. It seems as though this is a fairly accurate representation. The roadster has the subtle design influence of previous BMW models in conjunction with its revolutionary structure.


The vehicles that spawned this robotic masterpiece include:

– The CS1 Concept Car from 10 years earlier

– The BMW Z4 M Roadster

– The BMW Z4 M Coupe

The BMW GINA Light Visionary Model is truly a vision of excellence. In the wake of high-end auto-makers turning away from their fast-paced heritage, Bavarian Motor Sports gives us something to be hopeful about… a car named GINA that takes off her bra when she’s ready for action.

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  1. Bimmers always catch my attention whenever they launch concept cars. Their fleet are the most sophisticated in terms of design and modern features. I’ve been the car in this site it says that it transforms accordingly to the driver’s preference.

  2. Bimmers always catch my attention whenever they launch concept cars. Their fleet are the most sophisticated in terms of design and modern features. I’ve been the car in this site it says that it transforms accordingly to the driver’s preference.

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