Changing The Spark Plugs in a BMW V10

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Not many of us will be lucky enough to own one of the mighty BMW V10 engines that you’ll find in an M5 or M6, but those that do will know just how much more effort goes into changing the spark plugs compared with your average four-cylinder. We often take for granted how simple it is to change a set of plugs, but this guide will explain why things are a bit more difficult with a V10.

For starters, whereas you’d usually have four, six or perhaps eight cylinders and plugs to worry about, you’ve now got ten. This isn’t necessarily a problem in itself, but it does make things more expensive, time consuming, and because of the space you’re working in, more difficult.

As you’d expect, there are two banks on the V10, and you’ll have to do each separately. They are the same when it comes to the engine block, but getting proper access means that you need to remove different components from each side.

Remove or move the following out of the way from the passenger side:

– Upper and lower airbox
– MAF assembly
– Power steering reservoir

Remove or move the following out of the way from the driver’s side:

– Coolant lines above airbox
– Upper and lower airbox
– MAF sensor
– Washer fluid filler cap

Changing The Spark Plugs in a BMW V10On the engine block itself, each coil pack has to be removed by flipping open the clips and gently pulling them away. The removal of the plugs themselves is done simply with a wrench. The plugs are then changed in the usual way; use a socket to unscrew them, and tighten them up to the recommended 22lb/ft.

The main difficulty is the two plugs at the back of each bank of cylinders. These are particularly hard to get to, so much so that it can be incredibly awkward getting any kind of tool in there. There is no way of changing these back plugs easily. You’ll have to do it blind, but a magnetic tool is very useful for ensuring that nothing gets lost.

As a final note, it’s also important to find the right BMW parts online. Using poor quality plugs will impair engine performance.

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