Chrysler Provide Real Competition For European Luxury Cars

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Chrysler, the US car giant, struggled to break into the European market at first, releasing car after car. Over time, through the consistent release of high quality cars, Chrysler has built a reputation as one of the finest car manufacturers in the world. The new Chrysler 300C, Chrysler’s latest entry in the luxury cruiser market, was unveiled in early 2012, drawing much attention with its eye – catching styling, luxurious interiors and powerful engine. This article will take a closer look at the new Chrysler 300C, explaining why this newest edition provides real competition for European luxury cars.

Exterior Design

The latest Chrysler 300C is imposing in its looks.

The car is large and impressive, with strong and defined shoulder lines running along the large side doors. The front of the car features the distinctive Chrysler logo sitting upon a large grille with LED headlamps to the sides and a set of stylish crevices at the bottom, to improve aerodynamics and air flow. The rear of the car is rather subdued in comparison, with large headlamps adorning the sides and the Chrysler logo mounted in the centre.

The 300C also features a number of visual flourishes available as extras; including large 20” alloy wheels and a choice of different front grilles.

Interior Design

This new 300C features a re-designed interior which improves upon its predecessor in virtually every way.

The seats are large and comfortable, providing both drivers and passengers with a great deal of legroom and headroom to ensure a pleasurable ride. The seats are also heated, allowing for a more comfortable ride during colder conditions.

The dashboard is cleanly laid out with a number of LED backlit instrument gauges spaced out around the steering wheel. With liberal use of satin chrome and satin trim highlights, the dashboard is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.

The 300C has also been insulated from outside noise with Chrysler fitting silencing foam inside the body to keep out unwanted noise. The result is a car which is remarkably quiet and relaxing.


The 300C will come in two different versions: the 300C Limited and the 300C Executive.

The Limited comes fitted with a 3L turbo-charged diesel engine capable of delivering 187bhp whilst the Executive features a 3L turbo-charged diesel engine capable of delivering 236bhp.

Both engines are remarkably powerful and capable of generating enough torque to ensure that overtaking is effortlessly smooth. Quick 0-60 times also ensure that the 300C is quick to accelerate from stationary.

Both engine options are remarkably fuel efficient, offering up to 40 miles per gallon on the roads.


Ride & Handling

The ride of the 300C is smooth, comfortable and luxurious. The car glides through corners and cruises on motorways, ensuring both drivers and passengers enjoy a comfortable ride.

The 300C is a heavy car weighing nearly 2 tons. As such, the weight can be felt when going round corners but Chrysler has managed to fit the 300C with a precise steering system to put the car wherever it needs to be. A sturdy suspension system also graces the 300C, with the ability to handle corners and bumps in the road with ease.

Interior Equipment

Chrysler has fitted the 300C with a great deal of modern technology.

The front dashboard features a touch screen operated media system which also provides access to the climate controls, heated seats, GPS, and other features of the car. The 300C also accepts voice commands, giving drivers the ability to make changes to the car’s settings without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

Value For Money

At a starting price of £32,995 for the Limited model and £39,995 for the Executive model, the Chrysler 300C is significantly better value than its European competitors. The 300C feels far more expensive and luxurious than its price suggests, offering luxury car qualities at a remarkably affordable price point.


The new Chrysler 300C is a game changer. Chrysler has improved upon the older 300C in virtually every way giving the newest version a redesigned engine, improved styling and a more luxurious interior.

With this latest edition of the 300C, Chrysler has declared war on the European luxury car manufacturers, producing a car which is able to match the quality of its rivals at a much more affordable price-point. As such, the 300C deserves a spot at the top of every shortlist for buyers looking to purchase a spacious and comfortable luxury cruiser.

This article was written by Antony Jackson who has had a fascination with cars from an early age and has followed race and road car developments on 3 continents. Photographing and writing about cars here and abroad, including visits to the Porsche works in Germany, 1000+ mile classic road trips and conversations with retired racing drivers in Las Vegas, his love of cars comes through in his work.

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