First Time Driver Woes

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There are few times in your life that you feel more excitement or it is made clearer you are growing up than when you get your. Most begin talking about it 2 years before eligible, parents dread it from the first time their child rides a bike, and your neighbours see you get behind the wheel and pull back into their garage.

All the excitement in the process of getting your license is quickly tempered by reality. The first conversation with the insurance agent to find out how much it will cost to get insured is the real welcome to the world of adulthood.

First Time Driver WoesAnother poignant reminder is when the new driver sits behind the wheel for the first time. The last several years of criticisms to other peoples driving turns to a heavy weight to carry on the lurching first start and the first stop sign that nearly causes whiplash. It is hard as the parent not to enjoy these moments slightly behind the cautious face you are showing. The correct thing to do though is to ensure proper preparation for the experience.

The standards to attain a driver’s permit in most states is very low. A ten minute multiple choice test and 15 second eye exam along with a copy of the birth certificate will do it. The parent and the new driver really owe more to the process than that.

Start with the small manual you get when signing up for the permit test. It is all very much common sense and most can pass without reading the book with common sense guesses. Instead of ignoring it use it as a topic of discussion while driving around before taking the permit test. Ask why and how questions in relation to the topics.

This serves two purposes – not only does it enable the new driver to get something possibly useful from the book – it also is a great refresher for the parent that has been driving for 20 years or more. It is not to make you “drive better” – it is helping you communicate effectively on what action needs to change when the new driver takes the wheel. A statement like “you are doing that wrong” without a follow up as to why it is wrong does not make for a good teacher. Reading and studying the book with them enables this communication.

In Europe they actually test not only the road signs and laws but actual driving theory. To get an idea of the depth of their system look at the many driving instruction and booking companies like Book Your Theory Test Online Ltd. It may be beneficial to you as a parent or a new driver to discuss some actual practical driving theory and reasons as well.

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