Five Cars That Can Help Make The Man

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Men figured out a long time ago that the car you drive speak volumes about your personality, status and lifestyle. Your car gives an impression of your identity and how you see yourself as a person just like your wardrobe, friends and chosen career path speaks volumes about you. The right car can make any guy look good, especially if it screams masculinity. Even if you are a family man that had to settle for buying a mini van to appease your wife or you own a sexy Lamborghini, everyone can appreciate a powerful, masculine car. Have you ever wondered what are the most popular cars for men? Below you will find a list of the top five manufactured cars preferred by all alpha males:

1. Range Rover

With its 510 horse power and supercharged engine, this car is one of the manliest four by fours on the market. This car was first designed by the British car manufacturer Land Rover in the early 1970s. Range Rovers have an effortless power that can be felt by every driver that has had the opportunity to sit in its plush seats. This car can easily go from zero to 100kph in under seven seconds. Range Rovers also perform wonderfully while off-roading due to its great built in terrain response system and air suspension. The manufacturers of Range Rovers were also smart enough to realize that men need vehicles that are fully optimized for their environment, especially if they live in an area that has a lot of snow or gravel.

2. Hummer

Hummers were first created in the 1990s and are linked to the Humvee military models that were made for the U.S. military. They became immensely successful after Operation Desert Storm and their H1, H2 and H3 models are still seen as the ultimate sign of masculinity and power. Unfortunately General Motors decided to stop producing the vehicle in 2009 after failing to sell the brand. General Motors then filed bankruptcy and closed down all of their manufacturing plants. Even though the car is not in production it still has an avid fan base of macho drivers that can not get enough of its tough image.

3. Ford Ranger

Ford Rangers have been a sign of manliness since the 1980s. This line of Ford trucks also sadly reached the end of their production line in December 2011. Over the years Ford designed and re-engineered the truck so that it could make any man happy due its new tough and aggressive cosmetic changes. Drivers love it for its towing power, affordability and good gas mileage.

Five Cars That Can Help Make The Man

4. Ram Trucks

Full-size pickups like a Ram Truck continue to be a man’s best friend. Chrysler has continually updated their trucks to have crew caps, dual rear wheels, diesel fuel and other options for buyers. Motor Trends has also named it the Truck of the Year three times. Its incredibly high towing capacity and self touted 20 miles per gallon gas efficiency for their light duty engine lineup makes it a clear winner for drivers. Currently Ram Trucks are manufacturing their fourth generation of cars.

5. Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvettes are some of the oldest and finest cars still on the market. They were first produced in the 1950s. Car enthusiasts especially enjoy the 60s version of the Corvette. Men love the Chevrolet Corvette so much that it is consistently the top selling high performance sports car in its segment with 430 horsepower. Ranging from the Grand Sport Coupe to its iconic convertible body style, Corvettes will never go out of style.

Cars are often seen as a reflection of your character or an extension of your identity. In fact, for most people it is the second largest investment that a person will make in their entire lifetime other than buying a house. Most proud alpha males want a sleek and powerful car that tells everyone who you are with one glance. That impression can only be accomplished with a masculine vehicle that has a reputation for being tough. And since the average American spends hundreds of hours in their car commuting to work and to other social functions, why not do it in style?

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