Lexus LFA – Overlooked Limited Edition Supercar

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The Lexus brand is associated with beautifully made and very desirable executive saloons, and as Toyota’s luxury brand has become a household name across the world. Think supercars, however, and Lexus is not a name that springs to mind. Why this should be is a mystery, as one of the best supercars to have emerged from Japan is the Lexus LFA, a gloriously outlandish coupe built in strictly limited numbers and offering stunning performance. Of course, taking the fight to the traditional supercar makers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche is no minor feat, but if anyone can achieve it, Toyota can. And, we have to say, the LFA is a prime contender as one of the best supercars in the world today. There is something overtly aggressive about this car, a poise and style that immediately means business, and to describe it as beautiful would be pushing the boundaries. That’s not to say it is unattractive, but that it appeals in a brutish, high performance way familiar with the best of the supercar contenders. Let’s have a look what lies under the skin.

Lexus LFA – Stunning Power & Superb Performance

Lexus LFA - Overlooked Limited Edition SupercarWith production limited to 500 units the LFA is as exclusive as it gets. Each one is custom made to the buyers specifications, and will therefore be unique. With a body made mostly from carbon fibre it is a design exercise rich in weight limitation and chassis strength, and then there’s the engine. The 4.8 litre V10 unit is a mighty beast, pushing put a colossal 550bhp and driving the car to a claimed 202mph (325km/h) and offering a 0-62mph (0-100km/h) time of just 3.6 seconds. These figures are good enough to take on all but the million-pound supercars such as the Bugatti Veyron, and the Lexus LFA does it in some style. Make no mistake that this is a true 21st century supercar; it bristles with technologically advanced driver aids and modern production materials and techniques, and that is part of the appeal. Notably, the car has been entered – in race car form – in some prestigious races, including the famous Nurburgring 24 hours, and has turned in some very impressive performances when pitted against main rivals in performance testing. It is no surprise that many authoritative magazines have called the car a ‘bargain’ when compared to far more expensive rivals.

Lexus LFA – A Future Classic

Lexus LFA - Overlooked Limited Edition SupercarSome cars achieve instant classic status the moment they are unveiled to the public. Think McLaren F1, for instance, and there was never an occasion when that car was not considered a classic. It is curious that the Lexus LFA, despite widespread glowing reviews and its unique attributes, has not quite achieved this. The question is: why not? This is an all-round superb car with great looks, track pedigree and limited availability, and it is a fabulous machine to drive. Indeed, one well regarded motoring journal described as the only car that felt as special as a McLaren F1. Surely the Lexus LFA is set to be a classic of the future? We think so, and with many having disappeared into private collections already, it is a real sleeper in terms of potential. The only problem is getting hold of one: at last count Lexus claimed to have sold all but ten of the proposed 500 unit production run.

Lexus LFA – Fast, Furious & Fun

Lexus LFA - Overlooked Limited Edition SupercarThe Lexus LFA is one of a select band of modern supercars that has met with universal praise. Given Lexus’ reputation in the luxury car market this should come as no surprise. Toyota is a major player in the world automobile market and is well placed to draw upon all of its technical expertise to make sure it delivers the goods. With a price of £240,000 ($375,000) for the basic model – this can escalate with available options – and £285,000 ($445,000) for the exclusive, 50 model ‘Nurburgring’ model which includes tuition at the famous German circuit from professional drivers, the Lexus LFA is indeed a supercar bargain. It compares directly with the Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, both of which lie in the same price bracket. The last word, though, is to question who would choose a Lexus LFA over a more traditional brand of sports car? Sometimes, the name is the draw, but in this case we think anyone overlooking this very impressive machine in favour of a designer label is missing out in a big way.

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