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When is a Range Rover not a Range Rover? When Overfinch have had their hands on it! For almost 40 years now this specialist Yorkshire, UK, based company has been modifying and enhancing Range Rovers for an elite clientele, giving what is already an impressive machine a unique and original touch. In many ways the company is continuing a long tradition of coach-building and modifying that has been part of the motoring world since we first took the roads: in Germany the Ruf Automobile Company builds its own modified Porsches, while the Mansory name is familiar with supercar fans as a performance tuning and styling company. Overfinch, however, exudes a uniquely British charm, yet the finished product is something very special indeed. Take this latest model – the Overfinch GTS-X – and have a closer look at what they have done to a standard Range Rover but, before we go on, bear in mind you need a staggering £147,500 ($240,000) to buy one.

Overfinch GTS-X – Enhancing a Legend

Overfinch GTS-XThat’s what Overfinch says it is doing – ‘enhancing a legend’ – and who are we to disagree that Range Rover is, indeed, a legendary brand? Along with Rolls Royce and Bentley it remains one of the most iconic of all UK motoring brands. The current models are very capable indeed, yet this one is something else entirely. Let’s start with the exterior, where Overfinch has made some serious changes. Firstly, there’s the colour: Henry Ford is famous for the ‘any colour as long as it is black’ comment (although, in fact, never said it) and with the GTS-X you can have in one colour – a gloriously noticeable copper orange, enough to help you spot your Range Rover in a crowd. Then there’s the enormous 22″ alloy wheels, unique to the model and named ‘Titan’, and the body styling with integrated roof spoiler and LED Daytime Running lights. The difference between this and a standard model is like chalk and cheese: quite simply, the Overfinch GTS- X is a statement worthy of the price, and that’s just to look at it from the outside.

Overfinch GTS-X – A Beautiful Place to Be

Overfinch GTS-XNow let’s have a look at the interior and, if you know what the inside of a Range Rover looks like, prepare to be amazed. The whole interior trim has been given the Overfinch treatment with full leather just about everywhere, new headlining and door cards, and black leather and carbon seats offset with neat orange trimming to match the outside. Anywhere that previously had a veneer finish now has a carbon replacement, there is a sports steering wheel, unique instruments and carpeting with Overfinch branding. Is it a little bit over the top? Of course it is, but you are getting what you pay for – a complete overhaul and a unique finish. The attention to detail is quite stunning with even the tread plates being carbon and GTS-X branded, and the orange detail trim even extends to the steering wheel. Full marks, then, for quality and style.

Overfinch GTS-X – Not Just For Looks

Overfinch GTS-XSometimes a latter-day coach-builder can get carried away with the outside and forget about the driving experience. This is not a new phenomenon, for in the high-glamour days when famous names such as Saoutchik and Figoni-Falaschi were fashioning bodies for the most expensive cars of the 1930’s they often finished up heavier, more cumbersome and considerably slower than the original. Not so here: Overfinch has taken its expertise in tuning to the 5.0litre V8 engine and given it a thorough shaking up. You get 575bhp, 516lb ft of torque, and a top speed of 145mph (233km/h). If that was not enough, the performance enhancement includes slicing almost a second off the 0-62mph (km/h) figure: this Range Rover will get you there – from a standstill, remember – in 5.0 seconds dead. That is very, very impressive for such a big car. Other additions include simply massive, 380mm drilled and fully ventilated disc brakes, electronic trick suspension for better handling, and an electronic valve on the exhaust that the driver can open to get more sound from the mighty V8. A rich man’s toy it may be, but all of this is very welcome in a world where cars are becoming ever-more sanitised.

Overfinch GTS-X – Why Buy One?

Overfinch GTS-XIt’s a good question, after all: why buy an Overfinch GTS-X? Perhaps a more pertinent question would be who will buy the Overfinch GTS-X? Such a specialist vehicle will appeal only to the man – or woman – who wants something for its exclusivity, as the price tag is more than twice that of the top specification Range Rover Sport that it begins life as. There is, however, nothing else quite like this car. In the golf club car park it will be the envy of all and, let’s remember, you can actually use it for the school run and to do the shopping. That the GTS-X loses none of the practicality of the original is a bonus, but there remains the burning issue of whether you would want to take such a vehicle off-road. Nevertheless, this is a fine car, one built by a company whose very ethic harks back to the golden age of coach-building and motoring, and one that will find buyers without much of a problem. All we can say is how lucky they are.

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  1. Change the color (and drop the price tag! ha ha) and I’d cop one in a heart beat if I could!

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