Porsche Cajun: Expected in Mid 2013

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Porsche has a long history in the automotive world. The name is synonymous with excellence and technological expertise. Porsche has come a long way since they built their first automobile. The 356 was initially built in a small sawmill in Germany and no one could have imagined that this automaker would become a global success story in the coming years. Will the Porsche Cajun be part of it?

The German automaker has come up with a number of automobiles. Their models depict the passion and the expertise with which they are built. The Porsche 911 is no less than a legend and the Cayenne is a symbol of class and luxury. All Porsche models proudly carry their logo along with its historic background. They are recognizable even from a distance and have built for themselves a sort of cult following as well.

The New Porsche Cajun

Porsche had been particularly famous for manufacturing cars that incorporated speed and performance. With the launch of the Cayenne, perceptions started changing. The SUV became a huge success in the international market. It incorporated the same elements of luxury, dynamic styling and performance. Sales figures for this SUV were true indicators of its popularity.

Porsche CajunRumors regarding a new SUV from Porsche have been circulating for quite some time. There were a number of predictions and assumptions that surfaced regarding the new model. However, these speculations were not confirmed by Porsche until recently. The development phase of the vehicle was announced towards the end of 2010. In 2011 Porsche had said that it was planning to launch the new Porsche Cajun in 2013 but revealed few details about it.

Porsche Cajun: Basic Information

Some basic information about the new Porsche Cajun that had been confirmed earlier was that it will be a compact crossover SUV. The Porsche Cajun is based on the Audi Q5 and will be positioned a step below the Cayenne. It has also been announced that Porsche AG will be manufacturing the Cajun along with the Cayenne in the same Leipzig plant in Germany. Technical specifications were not revealed with the basic information resulting in a rumor that the Porsche Cajun will be an electric or a hybrid SUV.

It is said that the Porsche Cajun is specifically designed for people who find the Cayenne to be too bulky. These people would prefer something smaller and more on the lines of a crossover. The Porsche Cajun has a lot of expectations associated with it. The manufacturer believes that the vehicle will be able to match the sales of the larger Cayenne. It has been built on the same lines as the Audi Q5 but incorporates the elements and features of the Cayenne.

The Porsche Cajun will be a light-weight and compact SUV. It will have the same luxury factor as in the rest of the Porsche line-up. The performance aspect has also been given special attention as the manufacturer would not want the Cajun to disappoint the consumers in any way. Especially with the kind of fame that the Cayenne has brought to the company, the Cajun needs to be able to do the same.

Porsche Cajun: Engine Specifications

The Porsche Cajun not only uses the Audi Q5 as a base model but also has multiple components from them as well. The chassis, axles and steering along with the Quattro drivetrain are all Audi.

Porsche CajunThe Porsche Cajun makes use of a 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine. This engine is capable of producing 290 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. It is also being said that the diesel motor engine will also be available in the US market. There are also talks of a Porsche Cajun Turbo S being under consideration. This will be equipped with a 3.0 liter V6 engine but with twin-turbos. The Turbo version will be capable of producing 350 horsepower.

The Porsche Cajun will obviously have all the other elements like spot on brakes, top quality tires and rims and an exceptional exhaust system. These features have remained consistent in all Porsche models even before the Cajun was a prototype.

Porsche Cajun: Inside Out

Porsche CajunThe Porsche Cajun looks like a downsized version of the Cayenne. It is also strikingly similar to the Audi Q5. This is basically the Porsche Cajun is somewhat lower and shorter than the Q5 and a bit wider too. The basic design features in the windshield and the roof pillars is also the same as those of the Audi. But from the inside the Porsche Cajun is a bit different.

Porsche Cajun

The design aesthetics inside the Porsche Cajun are unique. It has the feel of a premium luxury SUV and in order to incorporate the performance aspect, it has been given sports seats. The improved steering column and the dashboard make the interior of the Cajun even more desirable. The cabin is quiet with little noise entering the vehicle with windows rolled up. The base model is said to be a four seater but there is a chance of a five-seater being released later as well.

Porsche Cajun: The Verdict

All in all the Porsche Cajun seems to be quite promising. It offers the best combination of luxury and performance. The design has been adapted from the Audi Q5 which is a popular crossover in its category and combines that with the unique features from other Porsche models. For example, the dashboard is the same as that of the Boxster, the interior design has been inspired by the Panamera and the other features kept in line with the Cayenne.

Porsche has already stated that it has very high hopes associated with the Cajun. Even the enthusiasts are anxiously waiting to hear more about the new crossover. Critic websites have already started discussing the Porsche Cajun and the speculations about it are now based on its sales forecasts and whether it will be able to match the popularity of the Cayenne or not.

Judging from Porsche’s long and successful journey in the automotive world it will not be surprising if the Cajun too becomes a huge celebrity in the industry. It is already in the spotlight and is bound to attract a lot of attention once it starts rolling out of the assembly lines.

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