Rimac Concept_One – Luxury Electric Supercar

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The electric car has come in for some criticism from the petrol-head brigade, but the Rimac Concept_One could be the design that changes the way we think about battery powered vehicles. A stunning luxury supercar concept, this is a car like no other, and it is certainly innovative. Let’s start by putting a few figures out there, figures that really are jaw-dropping when you begin to think about it. The Concept_One’s highly developed electric powertrain produces the equivalent of over 1080 horsepower. As the car weighs just 1950kg it can reach 100km/h (62mph) in a stunning 2.8 seconds. The makers claim that it keeps going until it surpasses 300km/h (186mph). Those figures put the Rimac Concept_One firmly into contemporary supercar territory. So, who is behind this amazing vehicle?

Who are Rimac?

Rimac Concept_One - Luxury Electric SupercarAs with many such innovative cars, this one has been designed and built by a small outfit rather than a major manufacturer. Rimac began by modifying cars of all kinds, and has latched on to the potential for a high-end luxury electric supercar. The Concept_One is the fruit of the company’s desire to break the mould. They already positioned themselves uniquely by being – as far as we know – the only motor manufacturer in Croatia. Experts in advanced electric powerplants, Rimac Automobili must be an exciting place to be right now. That’s enough of that, so back to this quite sensational car.

Advanced Battery Design at The Heart of The Matter

Rimac Concept_One - Luxury Electric SupercarEverybody knows that storing the power is the main problem with electric cars. Rimac has therefore developed a high performance battery that is probably the most advanced of its kind. With 92kwh capacity, this neat unit allows for a claimed 600km range which, if achievable, is a remarkable figure. In fact, if one reads further the company makes a claim for only 500km – itself an impressive figure – thanks to the need for other facilities on the car to draw power from the battery. The Concept_One features a carbon fibre monocoque, as all such supercars tend to do, and the material is used extensively throughout the car. With four motors powering the car – one for each wheel in effect – and many advanced cooling and safety systems in place, this is a design that has seen no stone left unturned. It is, quite simply, an exercise in astonishing attention to detail.

Beautiful Looks & Stunning Luxury

Rimac Concept_One - Luxury Electric SupercarThere is one certainty about the Concept_One: it is a truly sensational car to look at. The overall design is sleek and stylish, with a hint of aggression, yet there is a clear emphasis on simplicity and cleanliness in the lines employed on the body. Compact and yet looking longer than it is, the car features a two colour body design that incorporates sculpted sides and a very sleek, surprisingly low overall shape. Interior design has not – like on some supercars – come as an afterthought; the Concept_One has benefited from the Rimac desire to make it fit the driver like a well made glove, and the luxurious trimmings and ‘infotainment’ system make it a very pleasant place to be. This is, after all, designed to be a driver’s car, and it wins hands down in that area.

A Unique Driving Experience

Rimac Concept_One - Luxury Electric SupercarOne area that Rimac is keen to elaborate on is the Torque Vectoring system employed on the Concept_One. With a separate motor for each wheel it is possible for drivers to change the handling characteristics of the car through this unique system, much in the way a racing driver will play with the set up to get the best feel. The system allows for different levels of oversteer and understeer characteristics to be employed, something that will help the less experienced driver in particular. This is both a technological advance and a clever safety feature, and is one of the talking points when this quite amazing car is mentioned.

In case you think that this all sounds like a very clever concept that is designed to showcase Rimac’s ability to develop efficient powerplants, rest assured that the car is actually on sale. If you have a cool $1 million (around £620,000) you can buy one. It remains to be seen whether this is the breakthrough electric hypercar that everyone is waiting for, but there is no doubt the Rimac Concept_One is the boldest attempt yet at a battery powered car.

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