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VIN CheckUsing a VIN Checker is a vital part of buying a car – especially when you are spending a great deal of money on your pride and joy – but which is the best service? Many people insist that Carfax – a long established name in the world of VIN checking – is the way to go, but we have heard that another player in the market – Auto Check – may be setting the standard.

Of course, with VIN number checking it’s all about finding out the history of your desired purchase. There is nothing as disappointing as finding out that your beautiful new machine has been involved in an accident, and both Carfax and AutoCheck lay claim to giving you the best information available. There is more to VIN number checking than simply accident history – indeed there is plenty of information out there that you want to know.

The practice of rolling back odometers had been with is for many years now and is difficult to uncover, especially if the dealer or seller has been clever with their efforts. However, both AutoCheck and Carfax are able to do so by looking back through the complete history of a vehicle, and checking against current records.

An accident damaged car may well have been repaired to a high degree, but what lurks underneath? Is there damage to the chassis, or to the unseen parts of the car, and what has that accident done to the value of an expensive vehicle? How easy it is to buy a lemon, and end up losing a lot of hard earned cash in the process. Fortunately, it is easy to use the AutoCheck VIN number checking package, and it can be done for free.

So, Carfax and AutoCheck go head to head, but which is really the better option? Let’s have a look at an AutoCheck v Carfax comparison.

What do I Get With AutoCheck?

AutoCheck v Carfax comparisonThe standard packages from both providers are pretty comprehensive but on closer examination it would appear that the AutoCheck deal may be the better one. Why is this the case? We compared the two and found that there was much more on offer with the AutoCheck deal – here’s a starting point:

With AutoCheck you can get not only unlimited reports, but a single report costs less than $30. This undercuts Carfax, which does not offer an unlimited reports option.

There is also a wealth of detail that AutoCheck offers as standard.

Have a look at this:

– Full vehicle report including odometer check, accidents and more;
– Mobile based reporting on iPhone or Android;
– Free Auto Check scoring system for ease of analysis;

AutoCheck is a part of the Experian group, hence it offers powerful access to records.

Looking at that list it is easy to see why many people choose AutoCheck over Carfax, even though the latter is a long-established name in the VIN checking world. Furthermore AutoCheck offers data on past auctions – your car may have been sold at one in the recent past – and also provides a full report from the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) Used Car Guide, a valuable resource.

Given that Carfax does not give auction information, does not provide a NADA guide, is not allied to Experian and does not include auction data in its package it looks like it may be on a losing roll.

So is AutoCheck The Better Deal?

The one thing the two packages have in common is that they both offer a buyback program. This is a regulated agreement by which the company agrees to buy the vehicle back if the information provided proved inaccurate. This is an important part of a VIN checking service and is to be applauded. Carfax has a good reputation in the world of car dealing and its experience is not to be doubted, and it does have many satisfied customers with plenty of good words to say about it.

There is something to be said, however, for the all in one approach that the AutoCheck VIN checking service offers. There is much more it does have, compared to plenty that Carfax does not, and this is bound to attract many more customers as AutoCheck becomes better known in the market.

Perhaps the major draws are the fact that AutoCheck is part of Experian – a well known brand – and that it offers so much in the way of value that Carfax doesn’t.

In concluding the Carfax v AutoCheck review it is fair to say that brand loyalty will keep many people in the frame where Carfax is concerned, but as the package is so much more rounded the AutoCheck deal is going to attract a great number of new customers.

Buying an expensive used car is something that has always been prone to problems and pitfalls, and it would be wrong of us not to recommend that potential buyers – whether they are about to buy a modern supercar or a classic model – invest in the affordable and comprehensive AutoCheck VIN checking system, which may just be the best on the market.

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